Details of FLD - 2022-2023

1. Demonstration of ADT 55 Paddy variety  with ICM SMS (Agronomy) , SMS (Plant Protection)
2. Demonstration of Sorghum CO 32 variety  with ICM   SMS Agronomy
3 Demonstration of COC 13339 Sugarcane variety   SMS Agronomy
4 Demonstration of ATL 1 Tenai variety   SMS Agronomy
5 Demonstration of  VRI 10 Groundnut variety   SMS Agronomy
6 Demonstration of VGD 1 paddy variety with ICM SMS (Agronomy), SMS (plant Protection)
7 Demonstration of ICM in Tomato hybrid COTH 4 in Theni District SMS (Horticulture), SMS (Agronomy)
8 Demonstration of TNAU FRUITY FRESH for enhancement of shelf life in Papaya. SMS (Horticulture) , SMS (Home Science)
9 Demonstration of LabLab variety CO 15 in Theni District SMS (Horticulture), SMS (Plant Protection)
10 Demonstration of Brinjal VRM (Br) 2 in Theni District SMS (Horticulture), SMS (Plant Protection)
11 Demonstration of TRY 5 paddy with ICM practices under saline soil. SMS (Soil Science) and SMS (Agronomy)
12 Demonstration of CRIDA Mixed Inoculam - I for drought mitigation in rainfedcultivation of Sorghum SMS (Agronomy), SMS (Soil Science)
13 Demonstration of IARI Microbial Inoculant for in situ Degradation of waste Paddy straw Residues SMS (Soil Science) and SMS (Agronomy)
14 Demonstration of drought mitigation techniques in Rainfed maize SMS (Soil Science) and SMS (Agronomy)
15. Demonstration of Organic Nutrient Management in Rice cultivation  in Vaigai Dam 1 SMS (Soil Science) and SMS (Agronomy)
16 Demonstration of rapid vermicomposting techniques SMS (Soil Science) and SMS (Agronomy)
17 Popularization of  TNAU Paddy Expert System Mobile Application   SMS (Agricultural Extension)
18 Demonstration of Cattle Expert System  as Android based Mobile App SMS (Agricultural Extension),
19 Demonstration of High Value-Added Products from Grapes SMS (Home Science)
20 Demonstration of Multipurpose Food Processing Machine SMS (Home Science)
21 Demonstration of Milk value-added products and Enhance the Income Level of Dairy farmer SMS (Home Science)
22 Demonstration on Nutri Garden and Micro green cultivation SMS (Home Science)
23 Demonstration of ARKA High Humidity Storage Box for Shelf Life Extension of Green Leafy Vegetables   SMS (Home Science)
24 Demonstration of Low cost ripening Chamber for Fruits   SMS (Home Science)
25 Demonstration of Herbal powder incorporated Millet Cookies   SMS (Home Science)
26 Demonstration of the Management of Fall Army Worm (Spodopterafrugiperda) in maize SMS (Home Science)
27 Demonstration of Rugose Spiraling Whitefly Management Strategies in Coconut SMS (Home Science)