Training Calendar
Sl.Category/Crop or enterpriseTitleNo. of Demo Team members involved
1.CottonDemonstration of High density planting in CO 17 Cotton10SMS (Agronomy)
SMS (Plant Protection)
2.CumbuDemonstration of CO 10 Cumbu with ICM practices10SMS (Agronomy)
SMS (Agri. Extension)
3.SorghumDemonstration of Sorghum K 13 variety with ICM10SMS (Agronomy)
4.TenaiDemonstration of ATL 1 Tenai variety10SMS (Agronomy)
5.GroundnutDemonstration of TMV 14 Groundnut variety10SMS (Agronomy)
6.PaddyDemonstration of ADT 58 paddy variety with ICM10SMS (Agronomy)
SMS (plant Protection)
7.GrapeDemonstration of Colour improvement practices in Grapes Muscat Hamburg.10SMS (Horticulture)
SMS (Agronomy)
8.JasmineDemonstration of Off season production of Jasmine in Theni District.10SMS (Horticulture)
SMS (Soil Science)
9.TomatoDemonstration of BIOGROW liquid formulation in Tomato for higher productivity.10SMS (Horticulture)
SMS (Soil Science)
10.GroundnutDemonstration of Nut Magic in Groundnut for higher productivity10SMS (Soil Science)
SMS (Agronomy)
11.PaddyDemonstration of IFFCO Nano Urea in Paddy cultivation10SMS (Soil Science)
SMS (Agronomy)
12.TomatoDemonstration of TNAU Rhizoboost for enhancement of yield in Tomato10SMS (Soil Science)
SMS (Horticulture)
14.SugarcaneDemonstration of TNAU sugarcane booster for increasing productivity in Sugarcane10SMS (Soil Science)
SMS (Agronomy)
15.MangoDemonstration for IPDM practices in Mango10SMS (Plant Protection)
SMS (Horticulture)
16.BananaDemonstration of Bio-Consortia for sigatoka leaf spot Management in banana10SMS (Plant Protection)
SMS (Horticulture)
17.MaizeDemonstration of refined IPM Module for Maize Fall Armyworm10SMS (Plant Protection)
SMS (Agronomy)
18.CoconutDemonstration of IPM module for Coconut Rugose Spiralling Whitefly10SMS (Plant Protection)
SMS (Horticulture)
19.MoringaDemonstration of IPM in moringa10SMS (Plant Protection)
SMS (Horticulture)
20.CashewDemonstration of IDM practices in cashew10SMS (Plant Protection)
SMS (Horticulture)
21.Value AdditionDemonstration of Nutrient Dense RTU Multigrain Mixes10SMS (Home Science)
22.Nutrition Security - Herbal GardenDemonstration of Herbal Garden10SMS (Home Science)
23.Value AdditionDemonstration of Immune Boosting Soup using Dried Leaf /Powder10SMS (Home Science)
24.Post Harvest Management-DehydrationDemonstration on Domestic Solar Dryer for drying domestic agricultural/horticultural products5SMS (Home Science)
25.PoultryDemonstration of Namakkal Gold Quail10PA (Animal Science)
26.CattleDemonstration on Mastiguardin milch Cow10PA (Animal Science)
27.CattleDemonstration of TANUVAS 10 cent Multicrop fodder production unit10PA (Animal Science)
28.CattleDemonstration on Tickshieldin milch Cow10PA (Animal Science)